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An indefinite lexicon for the creation or deconstruction of images 

Usually in a diverse group. Less than 5cm long. Smooth outer coating with nice curves. Always dancing


Covering part or all of the body or an obstructed view or inhabiting a nest away from other bodies. Being close to something larger


A handle and a round body. Something that can change its insides.

Cords and Cables
Limp and smooth. Snakelike but inanimate. Sometimes curly, never taut.

Brand Labels
Known and unknown capitalist symbols. Someone else’s work.


Hard pieces that make up the insides of things and people. Ikea furniture or a puzzle.


Interlocking teeth that can be opened or closed or very fast creatures

Small shapes with at least 1 hole. Sits atop of something else. Never fully integrated into the thing it is placed upon. A minority culture.


Something tied around itself or something else, a small bundle with at least 2 loose ends.

Meandering Squares
A four sided shape that floats endlessly.

Leaks and Oozes

A slow release of liquid from a container. A spill or a drip. A puddle with a clear origin.

A hole with water and a glossy finish. A place to sit.

Surprising shapes and textures. Was once attached to something else. Hollow insides.

Letters and Numbers
An easy way to communicate.

Slugs and Other Small Slow Things
Usually wet and squishy with tiny eyes. Seemingly aimless. Close to the ground.

A drippy opening containing a mix of hard and soft things. A warm passageway.

A change of shape from external force. A crowded scene.

Fluffy People
Creatures with lots of fur or hair that seem like they’d be very kind if they were real. An inside out pillow.

Very pale with only a few discernable body parts. Life of the party. Glides effortlessly.

A sturdy hole with a door.

Puddles and Portals
A flat, reflective surface that leads somewhere else. Probably.

Lines that fence in an image. Provides emphasis while restricting movement. A straightjacket or a canopy.

Hand Holding
A gesture between two hands that signifies tenderness or empathy. Two pulses knocking gently.

Cars With Flames

An aesthetic triumph. A realistic dream.

Sharp mouthed creature with legs and feet that look like sticks.


Something smooth and cylindrical. Sometimes has a hole going down the center. A swift passage.

Similar to beans although beans have better curves. An assexual kernel.

Blobby Figures

Everyone and me.

A round, smooth, edible object. Has a mystery inside.

Sharp Lefts

An elbow you weren’t expecting.

Crystals and Regular Rocks
Clumps from outside.

Heavy objects in the grass. Engraved.

Beautiful Nails

Brightly coloured fingertips, usually filed to a point. Languid and lurid.

Detached Feet

A base with toes and an ankle that leads to nowhere.Stable and fixed.

Wiggly Shapes

A shape that looks like it is made of jelly and there is an earthquake happening or it is under clear water with a small ripple.

Little Lines
Dashes or marks that do not continue forever.

Small Explosions
A displacement of matter where the force of the explosion comes from within. Not dangerous. Common practice.

A stack of wrinkly tubes.

Swamp Things

A drippy creature with eyes and fingers.

Puffs and Pom Poms

A soft round thing.

Paths and Walkways
A place on which one can travel. Does not have walls or sharp corners. Flows gently.

Snow People and Other Bodies in 3 Parts
3 sections precariously attached. Could separate at any moment.

A translucent shape with many humps and shadows. Can look either light or heavy, depending on the hour.

A shape divided so that each section touches all other sections at the middle point. A goal to work towards.

Small Vessels

A solid object that can fit in your hand with a concave section that could hold liquid if you're thirsty.

U- Shapes
A single hump with 2 arms and a void.

Eyes and Other Optical Devices

An object with a lens that makes the world feel more personal.

Watery Tints and Water
A wet surface. A seamless mix.


A shape with no sharp edges and a hole in the middle. Somewhere you could dip your hand.

A wrinkly creature with big eyes and an unusually shaped head. Has either too many or too few bones.

Filing Folders

A brightly coloured flat stack.

Humps and Bumps
A raised section because of something underneath.

Dead Flowers

A droopy friend.

A space for the most important things. A step up.

Bodily Fluids
A liquid that was once inside and out of sight that can now be seen and touched. Sticky.

Bunny Ears

Long pointed ears on a hat or headband that are pink in the middle. Can be worn by anyone anytime.

A repeating shape that feels really sure of herself.

Doors, Windows and Other Types of Entrances
A break in a separation. A transformative space through which you could hurl your body.

Flower Heads
A human face with flowers instead of skin.

Things That Look Like Dogs

A creature that is almost a dog, but sadly is not.

Stripes (All Directions)
A way to show the breaking up or coming together of things in space. A part of a background. A buzzy noise.

Made Up Trees

Something with branches and trunk that you’ve never seen before.

Grass and Other Green Things on the Ground
A deep green that you can put between your fingers. A green that is reaching downwards.

Good ideas or bad postures.

Bald Heads and Other Shiny Things
Something round and warm that you could put both your hands on. A glimmering surface.


A squishy landscape with varied textures.

Long Lines
Waiting for something.

Whatever The Sun Does
A bouncy ball. A hot danger.

A collection of various objects stacked on top of each other. Usually droopy. An in between shape.

Light bulbs
A smooth transparent shape that is mostly hollow. Has a metallic bottom and sometimes glows. Wires locked away.

Shapes and words in a frame (see: frame) that help to explain or complicate the big picture. A mouthy repetition (see: mouth).

A large outside vessel that can hold liquids, people and toys.

Shapes That Vaguely Resemble Fruit

Something juicy and strange.

That dark part beside you.

Self Portraits
Me, sometimes.


Blades with handles. A flat image.

Something round that can expel another substance with help. Usually hidden, usually cute, sometimes bad for you.

Coates of Arms
A collection of symbols arranged so it can be hung on a wall or a pole. Usually with a downward point and a label. Has an air of importance.

Must look good above the eyes (see: small vessels).

A well-ordered pile.

Things on Fire
Everyday objects that became dangerous.


A smooth floor good for rollerblading. Many doors with insides you aren’t sure about. Possible corners.

Rays of Light
Coloured strings that hang stiffly. Attached to an upper edge. Would slip through your fingers.

Shapes with directions. Flat areas of colour, outlined. Does not mean anything.

Shortness of Breath

An unsatisfying action. An urge to yawn.

A celebratory sack of air or water.

Pretend Sea Creatures
A slippery being with a soft head and too many limbs

A line that hugs.

A traveling tube that reminds you of things you've lost along the way.


Fleshy textured lumps.

Dirty leather, laced.

A partial hindrance or blockage with instructions to transcend.

Lava Lamps
A goop container that points upwards but falls downwards

Something that feels good between your fingers and toes.

A large freckle.

Blank Space

A hole that’s white.

Big Pink Rooms
An inside out body. A nostalgic feeling.

A Space That’s Too Blue
An futile plea for calm.

Light in The Darkness

A small burst of colour that is easily ignored.

At least one round shape and one stick shape attached to each other. Includes small holes.

Cubes and boxes
Stackable and perspectival in an unconvincing way

Not the height you’d expect. Big eyes and surprisingly formless.

Speech Bubbles & Regular Bubbles
A fragile membrane containing an imaginary world.