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Co-curated with Jordyn Stewart

Featuring works by Mélika Hashemi, Shalaka Jadhav, Matthew Johnstone, Sarah Moreau, Andrew Myles, Alison Postma and Jack Carver

Saturday August 10th
W.G Johnson Centre Indoor Pool
4:30pm - 5:30pm
Free Admission

Buoyancy: Poolside Performances invited creatives to submit work around the theme of ‘buoyancy’, a prompt aimed to inspire responses about what it means to stay afloat. Our event took place in a public pool- a familiar childhood space connected to feelings of vulnerability, power, safety and fear. By bringing art into this charged context we hoped to take a deep dive together into the intersections of leisure and work, recreation and creation and the public and private.


Buoyancy: Poolside performances is hosted by Common Waters. Common Waters is a community project that explores diverse artistic, scientific, cultural, and personal perspectives through a curated sequence of art installations, workshops, discussions, gatherings, and excursions. These activations provide a platform for considering our shared waters through the lenses of environment, identity, history, and sustainability.

Presented by Idea Exchange and BRIDGE Centre for Architecture.

Images by Karly Boileau

listening to poems by Matthew Johnstone

21ft towel made by Allison Postma and Jack Carver

Sarah Moreau performing Inertia

detail shot of Melika Hashemi's installation, Race to Innocence

listening to Shalaka Jadhav's poems