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Ellie Anglin
Phi Doan
Roshan James
Kale MacEachern
Nat Sharpe
Haley Sheppard

Curated by Lauren Prousky 
December 2023
Studio Fuzion

Honouring Studio Fuzion’s history as a former Zumba exercise studio, “Cha Cha Real Smooth: Art with Instructions” enlisted seven emerging artists from Kitchener-Waterloo to write a set of instructions to accompany their visual artwork on display. Through this approach, the exhibition aimed to redefine the conventional acts of viewing and listening we are used to experiencing in a gallery by involving additional senses and enhancing bodily awareness. The result, we hope, was something akin to the immersive, where gallery-goers became active participants in the creative process. 

Photography by Phi Doan 

Drawings by JICB

Gauze Brain by Ellie Anglin

People following instructions for Srin-Mo by Roshan James

People following instructions for This Scroll Will Become Sound by Haley Sheppard 

Photographs by Phi Doan

People following instructions for Look at the Stars by Roshan James

People following instructions for Red Delicious by Nat Sharpe