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Presented at Lumen Festival 2020

Behnaz Fatemi
Lauren Prousky
Christie Shen
Joann Sparkes
Johanna Thompson

There is no U-Haul big enough for my move to sky castle explores repetition through acts of creation and destruction as a metaphor for the continuous work of becoming and individuating. The videos (documentation of a repetitive process) and resulting sculptures (what’s left over from the repetitive process) highlight a feeling of futility present in the often unnoticed, yet ongoing labour involved in self-care and self-preservation. These “behind-the-scenes” actions are emblematic of the care and attention needed to affect large scale social change, however here they manifest as intimate moments of individual transformation for the artist. Using everyday objects like hair, yarn, slinkys, fire and paper, the works in this show express a powerful tenderness and catharsis in their earnest ambition to forge one’s own path.